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Dream Sequence: “I’m the worst Judge”

I just woke up from a Nightmare.. This wasn’t a typical “Jumpscare” or “Falling out of a plane” Nightmare but the message felt so real after I woke up. When I fell back asleep earlier this morning I awoke in my house.

We were quickly scrambling to clean it, maybe guests were about to come over? My sister told me that I would be judging a bunch of young aspiring kids that dreamed of going onto a show much like American Idol/Americas Got Talent. I dusted off my bed and grabbed the last bit o laundry off the floor as the doorbell rang.. How could I forget a piece of paper?! It sounded like an easy job, I assumed I was getting paid for this job as well. I let the girl in and she quickly sat down. I told her to hang on as I propped up a chair in my room. As I called her out, her dad wished her luck and she sat down. Her act was okay, but I showered her with praise leaving behind the fact that sometimes criticism can be good for a person if it’s in their best interests and not to drag them down. The next act was weird.. It was a dog. Did nothing special, don’t even recall it having an owner. It just walked up and expected to get a spot.. How would a dog know better anyways?! I look out into the living room, a bunch of eager young ones ready to make it big. I get ready to call the next person and remembered my ignorance to write the names down and tape the auditionee’s. Oh well, next one will be great. A whole bunch of pet acts came next, Dogs.. Stuffed Dogs even.. I took a break right when I saw a large owl in the hands of it’s trainer. I was looking for my parents recalling this wasn’t their idea, they were very angry at my for accepting this job I was “obviously qualified for” but– my parents were absolutely missing. I came to my sister, all she wanted to so was perform.

I felt hopeless. I resorted to loneliness and eventually the dream skipped a beat til I was “auditioning” on the streets of a small but sandy city. A person came up to me and asked for an audition and I turned them away just because I was stressed; still trying to remember the names and go through the tapes of the kids. My family was gone– so I thought. My grandpa came up to the table and thought I was the Dr. and he said: “My real Dr. is busy and I have a headache.. Can you squeeze me in?” Immediately I was a river of tears as I tried explaining that my family was missing and prob. never coming back.. Before he could say a word I saw my Dad walking toward me with a prize for the Winner of the Contest Judging. I embraced him, fullest Hug I’ve ever felt from my dad much less anyone.. He simply said “I was looking for a prize, it was an expensive one too just for a little trophy.. How is the judging going?! Do we have a winner?”

And then I woke up..

When I did, I realized this dream was prophetic in a way. It reminded me that:
1. I’m terrible at playing God: If I was Jesus and God left me to judge the world, I would do a cruddy job at it. Like in my dream, my house isn’t even clean enough to invite others in half of the time. Ontop of that, I kept making simple mistakes that caused depressing results. Just because I thought I was qualified to judge others doesn’t mean I was fit AT ALL to judge anyone.
2. There are 3 types of people that come into the presence of God. Questioners, Dogs, and Headaches. Questioners have a sad view of God, thinking that He is fair to them and gives them everything they want. They have been given the notion from bad judges like me that God will praise everything they do and never hurt their feelings. Dogs either don’t care about God, Wanna bite Gods face off, or like the dog in my story thinks that he can get a free pass in for being cute.. Sadly I let him in anyways, was that wrong..? Finally, the Headaches.. Not people who gives God headaches but those who have hurts and even though their worldly Dr. is overwhelmed and doesn’t have the answer they come to Jesus and in faith ask for the answer, the cure, the way for life’s headaches to stop.
3. How much I need my Heavenly Father: I had no reaction other than to cry when I realized my Father was missing in my life. I was in a depressing hole trying to judge these kids; a simple task that really I had an unqualified MIND for. When I try to do Gods Job is gives others that wrong impression of God.. I tried my best but when I saw an immediate Family member was hurting and sick my heart was dashed and I was powerless without my Family (or my Father) there. But when my Father came walking back, I ran over and was embraced with the biggest Hug I had ever felt.. In His hand He had a prize, the part of the dream I didn’t see was the part when my dad forgives me, fixes this problem, and gives me the prize that HE PAID FOR. If one person repents and turns from their sin and wakes up to the fact that they need their Father, they will be forgiven indeed and even given the prize we don’t deserve.

Christians, don’t judge others. Those who believe(d), run back.. Run back the the one who is qualified to judge and be healer. And those who think that there is no fair judge in the seat.. Think again. I’m no fair judge, but God is. Everything we’ve ever done is written down, even in secret! My past is remembered by me and others but to the one who knows absolutely everything about me my past He forgets.. And yours too.

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The Twelve Tips of Christmas (in the Perspective of Our Lighthouse Radio):

Here, I have Included 12 tips to make your Christmas really Memorable and Special (All with Scriptural Verses to back them up!)

   12: Do Things together, Don’t let the Business or Even Depression rip you apart  

(Hebrews 10: 24-25)

11: Volunteer or Do a Public Ministry (ex. Caroling in a Nursing Home,)

(James 1:27)

10: Carry through with a Family Tradition

(Psalm 40: 4-8)

9: Go to a Service on Christmas Eve

(Colossians 3:16)

8: Do a 12 Days of Christmas Event to make it more meaningful.

(ex. Write on a Piece of paper a memory or Christmas Dream every day and hang them up /OR/ Make an Effort to Read the Word of God outloud each day)

(Psalm 90:12)

7: Get in a 25 Day plan on The Bible App

(Joshua 1: 8)

6: Take A Bunch of Photos everywhere you Go and everything you do and make it into a Video Montage On Christmas Day to play for the Family/Friends. (Ecc. 12: 1)

5: Decorate your house and Indoors like you don’t even care about taking it down!

(Exodus 25: 9)

4: Buy a Gift for someone you DISLIKE.

(Romans 12: 20)

3: Make an Ornament Displaying How much God has done in you this year.

(When making it, Think about the biggest aspect God has worked on you this year)

(2 Corinthians 4:7)

2: Write a Song, Poem, and/or Story about Christmas and what You have noticed about it this year.

(Psalm 96: 1-2)

1: Think of yourself less than you ought, Live this Christmas like it’s the Last Holiday you’ll ever Live (Which it might be!)

And let God use it to open up the biggest source of Joy for you!

(James 4: 14,15 & 17)

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“Closer than a Brother”

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything on my Blog here and I said enough was enough. The other night I was typing some big thing up on Instagram when it ALL DELETED on me and I was furious. But then it Hit me, Why don’t you just write another blog?!
So here I am, and today I write to you about Trustworthy Friendships.

Rare things aren’t they? The verse I have chosen today is one that came to mind when a friend I have never been able to truly spiritually connect to and I had a very deep convo. and really opened up to each other. It’s then I knew that God wanted me to write about friends. Here it is:

Proverbs 18:24 (NIV).
“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

For a long time in my life, I had no friends and even when I did I certainly had nobody I could trust. My best friends were Stuffed animals and My Family.. But now that I look back, there was one friend that has been there since that point.
Now God puts certain people in your life for a reason and He does sometimes take them away from you; a lesson I’ve learned bitterly. Some friends are simply there to keep you busy and others are there to build you up!
But see, how do you know that the people you hang out with are ones to keep you busy, Build you up, or a distraction in your life?
From my personal experience, my friends I had at one time were kind of “just kinda there” friends and we never really got together or did anything, just someone to hang out with at Field trips every once and a while. I fell into the lie that I’d never have any true friends to share my feelings with that I could physically talk to in person and build a friendship closeby. But God, being the great and giving God He is, Gave me friends now that I can honestly say I don’t deserve. And yeah, they aren’t perfect but I can actually learn from them, Grow from them, and have “Iron Sharpening Iron“.
Now if a friend is truly a friend, they will encourage you when something excites you, sympathize with you when something bad happens, and someone you can be comfortable opening up to and vice versa.
Friends can also be unreliable and discouraging, those people are the ones that will bring your faith down. Hang around them too long and you will be more distant from God.. Thats why the Verse says: “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin”. We come to ruin because we compromise our morals so we don’t hurt their feelings and by doing that, we become like them whether Mean, Uncaring, or Verbal, the Like… God calls us to be in the world but not consumed by it. But who is to say God could use a friend that you feel is unproductive and turn it around for a shock?

Don’t underestimate God being able to use a Lonely vessel for new purposes! Keep praying for those who are in your life who are this way because God will take you wildest dreams and turn them into reality plus more!
Sometimes we may wonder “Why is this person in my life so long if they are just meant to hide under the shadows but not actually be there for me?” well what I say to that is: “God can use even the people who cause you grief to cause the greatest amount of Joy another time!”
Underestimating God’s power will only leave you wishing you never doubted Him in the first place. The people He has put in your life are there for a special reason, both Supportive, not very, or Not at all! HE CAN USE ANYONE for HIS PURPOSES!

Don’t get tired of doing what is good! If you are that friend for somebody else, don’t give up if you feel like you are the only one committed here. God honors every Motive whether done in Secret or clearly shown. All He matters about is the heart, not the Details or the incapability– Cause if you haven’t noticed, God doesn’t matter how capable you are or Incapable, He can STILL use anybody to Shame the Strong and unharden an Unbelieving heart!

Final say on this, It’s not as heartfelt as I wanted my Instagram post to be, but there is a friend out there– someone who you have been dying to meet– that will love you more than a brother ever could. This does NOT MEAN A GIRLFRIEND OR BOYFRIEND, This means a person who God blesses you with to help you through, Hug you or cheer you up when you are broken, and Pray for you when nobody else does. Be a friend who intercedes for your other friends in Prayer. There is a beautiful friendship waiting to happen, whether you have it or don’t yet, It is bound to happen one of these days. I gave up hope a long time ago and here I am with more beautiful friendships than I’d ever deserve and much more than I’d ever dream to have. Stick with it, God will make a way and when you get to that place, you will be so content and so open to worshiping God for His Grace, Goodness, and Undeserved Kindness!

If a friend is Sharpening you, Sharpen them back. Two are better than one, don’t be pressured into something you can’t handle and don’t ruin somethign so beautiful for petty feelings. Trust God with those people you can‘t understand why they are there with and be a reliable friend.

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“Randomorning Studies” 1 Thessalonians 4.

Today, like every Sunday, we are in the New Testament! This Sunday, I was lead to read 1 Thess. and I found that there is Four Calls for a Christian outlined in These Verses– The Calls of Holiness, Love, Living differently, and Encouraging– and today I’m covering all Four that are encapsulated in this Chapter today.

A Call for Holiness {Thess. 4: 1-8} -
When you think Holiness, you think of people who act all Holy and seek Special attention from others. I mean please, You’ve met a Human right? We are imperfect and totally Lost without Jesus in our lives and our “Maps” to guide the way. Infact, without The Holy Spirit doing that, we can’t understand the word or even Seek God much less be Holy! So, there are obvious ways that make you Holy in comparison to others, but What are you doing that may be keeping you from a Holy Life? Maybe there’s nothing stopping you, but we always have so much more to give God then we think we do.
My Favorite person in the Bible that isn’t part of the Godhead (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) is Paul. Paul writes to people who are Christians in this book but need a little motivation. They knew how to please God already, but I think the people in Thessalonica got a little Lukewarm. Paul simply told these people to build on the already existing foundation that was set in Christ Jesus.
Now as all communities, there were some who didn’t quite grasp this idea of Holiness not because they weren’t applying themselves but because they were still living immoral lives. Immoral lives simply mean “Not-Good Lives”. You cannot be a devout and good Christ-Follower if you are still doing Sexually Immoral things, serving two masters, lusting over something, or wrong/take advantage of people. All these signs are signs of the Devil still working in you, believe it or not. Galatians states in Galatians 5: 13-21 clearly what the desires of the Flesh and mind were back then and still apply to us today. God wants us to bear fruit, Good fruit, for Him but mostly to Give us a better life then we used to live. “If you bite and devour each other, watch out of you will be destroyed by each other” says Galatians! We used to live this way and now we don’t have to anymore! This is a way out to a new Life with no Regret and out of a Wasted life with no Hope!! If you are still finding yourself landing in the category of the things mentioned in The Galatians Verse or anything else such as spending more time with something other than God or cheating on a test or even not loving that one kid at school or youth group, you are still walking in your flesh and You are corruptible.. However, when you walk with the Spirit, even if you die you will live on! The appearance of someone who walks by the spirit is shown to us by the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5: 22-25. The first one mentioned is Love. And now we get to our second Call.

A Call to Love {1 Thess. 4: 9-10} -
The Greatest of all things is Love because Love lasts forever. Love Ran Red for us and Bled on the Cross we deserved, that was greater than any other Sacrifice and through that Love we Get Hope and Put our Faith in. That’s The Greatest of all remaining things is Love. {1 Corinthians 13: 13} Why he is love so Important for a believer anyway? Well, we are told by Jesus that Love is the greatest Commandment and we should love the people around us. “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself ‘.” {Galatians 5: 14} It’s amazing that one little action is the fulfillment of everything written on the Ten Commandments and More! Love is a powerful thing, why would we not want to give more and more of it?

Here’s where people start to think “Oh, Good idea! I need more love in my life so I’ll just find more people I can Love On” and therefore become sexually immoral! The law still stands, we need to remember this. We cant just pass off a law and say “I Did it out of Love”. Actions speak louder than all words can. If you saw a guy cheating on his wife, would you think he Loved like he should? Now what if the same Guy came up to the person that caught him in his act and argued that He loved his real wife more than he Loved the other girl. Maybe so, But if He loved his Wife the way He had ought to love her, He would have never Loved the other Woman at all! People can talk all they want about themselves but it never makes it any more true. I want to leave a legacy and I want to be known for How I Loved others and loved God.
This doesn’t mean that where you fall with loving others is so Low on the scale it’s at it’s core! Not at all! What Paul is truly saying here is that You can’t stop there! You need to keep striving to make your love grow stronger and stronger and Have more and more of the Love of Jesus in your life so THEN you can go out and Love others deeper. Heres the equation:
+JC<3 = +People<3
-JC<3 = -People<3
The Less of Jesus’ Love you have in your life, the Harder it’s gonna be to Love others. And don’t think just because you Love Him once a week or once a Day means that you are Set too! More of Jesus means more Love in your life because he Makes the Love happen and gives you more people to love on. Less of Jesus means less love and means you get used Less and is given less people to Love on and to witness to. We’ve been taught to love others, we need to really practice that everyday!
One quick lesson before we move on.
Madison used to be addicted to Porn and made some wrong choices But God cleansed her of all of it! She strove to Go to church more and more to gain her faith, but with her piercing in her lip and her Colored Hair, the kids at church saw her as a Threat to their faith more than a Friend. They shunned her and told her that she could never be a Christian because of what she used to do and they didn’t believe she still did it. Maddi suffered badly from this and never truly learned what it was to be loved by another fellow Christian until one Day, a Guy set the record straight over Social media no less that The people at Church were wrong. They weren’t loving her the way God intended to Love on Her. When she saw that, she agreed in her mind “This Kid I don’t even know Truly knows how to Love.”

A Call to be Different {1 Thess. 4: 11-12} -
When we love and don’t do things like Grumbling against someone or spreading hate about another person, We “Shine amongst the world like stars”. {Philippians 2: 14-16} We also Shine amongst the others in the world by how our lives are lived! Like it says here, we need to make it our Goal and ambition to live a Life that is Quiet and not active in all the Gossip and junk around us. We need to be aware of problems but not let problems change our awareness of the things we are called to do like help someone in need or Love someone who’s having a bad day. The only way to win over an Unbeliever is to show them what Jesus Looks like. Not just a Jesus mask saying “Oh-ho Look, Christians look like this!” Again, The only way to win over a Person Trapped in the mindset of the world is to Show them what a Follower of Jesus acts like and prove that you are different than how they act.
We need to mind our own business like it says and work with our hands.When I thought of this, I imaged my Youth Group right away and how working with my Hands and doing what I do Best (Being myself) draws people in. The only thing is sometimes, You have to Go to them and show off what you have been given by God like A Drawing, Instrument, Art, or Writing Talent! Eventually you may have a whole group of people that wanna be around you because of God’s gift you have been given and not because they thought you were cool. Of course, that can sometimes be an Abuse of Talent or make you think you earned them all yourself. But, when you keep your eyes fixed on God’s gifts to you, You can avoid that! We need to Love and be Different. And to set the Record Straight, Being different is Good. Just look at me or what I write!

A Call to be Encouraging {1 Thess. 4: 13-18} -
The Real Kicker of this message (Or any message at that) is when it comes with a Directive. The verse that immediately stood out when God showed me this Chapter and Book to read in was Verse 18. (which was underlined and bracketed.. LOL) So, if you read it you think “Oh Gosh, these must be some Good words!” and it makes you read whats above. I Love when Paul does this! First it was His “Secret to Being Content” in Philippians, Now He gives us a “Note to encourage Others” here in 1 Thessalonians!

It can be a real downer when you find out that a fellow Believer has lost someone they Love but really, they should be encouraging people with these very words. Are you scared of Death? Or are you scared you lived a Life wasted? Cause most people, when a family member dies, they got into “regret Mode” and Say “well if I didn’t waste my life here or Did something here”.. What is it that we are really scared of?
I think we are just scared of the thought of a Change in Address for that person and Us one Day; From our Homes here to our home in heaven. We are scared that we are going to end our lives and we didn’t get to do what we wanted or live it fulfilled. And Possibly it’s because we just don’t wanna feel the pain that death brings. However, as a Believing Christian, Death HAS NO STING!
If we Don’t believe that Jesus rose from the Dead and that God will raise these people we’ve lost like His son, we Have No Hope and We Don’t Believe in Heaven. However, for those who do believe in The Resurrection of the dead through Jesus’ Blood shed on the cross, Heaven is a Reality!
Please read this verse, for it’s something encouraging from 1 Corinthians 15: 16-26 and right smack in the middle it says “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead”!!

We don’t know how the end will play out entirely for everyone, but for us we know that If we believe in the Death and resurrection of Jesus and if you “Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you Will be Saved” {Romans 10:9} and that’s all the Logic we need! This is why Paul told us to encourage one another with this. If We Die, we’ll be made one with Him. If The End Comes, we’ll be made one with Him. If we can’t hold on much longer, we can know that one Day we will be made one with Him. And not just made one, but Completed in him. That means the Acne on your Face, the Meat on your bones, Your Height, your Bad hair Day, Your Big Mess up in 8th Grade, and your Biggest regret all get washed away and you become Just like God, without Sins effect! What a better thing that we can encourage others with?!

To wrap it up, you could take nothing out of this study and chapter and say “I’m Good, I Love people enough. I’m just getting by, So I Have nothing to worry about” Paul is telling you here that there is so much more you can Give to God. I’m Super-Convicted after writing this that there is much more I need to Give. Just get this: Jesus called us to be apart from the world, Not apart from Him. When we Love others, we connect to Him on a higher level than when we could indulging in The Flesh’s Desires.

“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.“ {1 Thessalonians 3: 12-13}

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“Randomorning Studies” 1 Samuel 20.

I Literally freaked out when I saw where the Lord lead me today! It’s probably one of my Favorite stories in the bible and I needed it today more than ever.
The Story we have ahead of us today is a story of a True, Unbreakable Friendship and what it means to truly be a friend in the worst situations.

King Saul was afraid of One of our main Focus Characters today, which is David, because He was winning so many fierce battles and gaining popularity; even with his Son Johnathan (Which is our Second main focus Character!)
Johnathan became quick friends with David as soon as Saul had Kept David there to be his Aid in Battles and in playing the Lyre (or Harp). How close of friends were David and Johnathan? It says in Samuel 18: 4 that Johnathan gave David the Best of His clothing and Weaponry!
Do you and your friends sometimes Share clothes or Items like Video Games, Pens, and Money? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a Close friendship with a Person you can relate to and get along with! So, what does it take to be that kind of a friend so someone else and what does it take for them to show the same?

Selflessness - Johnathan Loved David as himself. There was no room for “all about me” time, It was a constant Giving of himself over to David! If you want a friendship to last, make sure you know that the other one is committed and Make sure that They know and you believe that you are Committed as well!

Spreading Kindness - When King Saul spoke rotten about David and actually tried to Kill him the first time, Johnathan tried to talk his father into letting David loose and cut him Some slack. Sometimes peoples’ Opinions of us will never change, but When someone talks good about you in a Good opinion, you know they are a friend! Spread Kind words about your friend to others and let them know that your friendship isn’t something to be dissed!

Trustworthiness - In our Story Today, we see Johnathan assuring David that He would not let his Father kill him. There was no way, not even under God, that Johnathan would let their bonds be broken. Not only did Johnathan go to great lengths to prove his trust but He made an oath with him that David would be able to safely and soundly get away.

Compatibility - This isn’t a Step to be overlooked. David was a Shepard, Johnathan was the son of a King! They came from two very different lives, so don’t let anyone tell you that opposites Don’t attract! If you can become “one in spirit” like David and Johnathan were, it doesn’t matter who you are! With loving and pleasing God as your focal standpoint and focus, anyone can get along!

Back to our Story, David runs to Johnathan wondering what He did to deserve Death in the eyes of Saul. Johnathan wasn’t quite sure either. David was defiantly the smarter one of the two and put it out there that Saul would prob. not warn his Son that His best friend was about to be killed by Him. It’s pretty cool that David and Johnathan had their own Languages that they spoke. They spoke in the language of Symbols to get their messages across so that nobody would suspect their actions like
-If your Dad is Good with me going to Church with my Family, He doesn’t want me dead. But, on the other hand if He gets Angry then He prob. wants me Dead.
-I’ll shoot three arrows into a Stone next to where you are hiding and I’ll tell a boy that he needs to get the arrows. If I say I say “That arrows are aside you, bring them here” then My Dad doesn’t want you dead but if I say “the arrows are farther out” you’ve gotta Run because he’s coming to kill you!!

The two had a very Cool and interesting Friendship unlike any other! David knew that He could trust Johnathan in all circumstances because He always told the truth. When you find yourself lying, It ruins your reputation as a friend. Johnathan promised that if he knew his Dad was gonna harm him, He would have told him sooner! David promised Johnathan, In return for his Safety He would make sure than His Tribe showed favor on his Family.

Sure enough, the day got there and Saul wondered where David was. Johnathan told him the little secret message that would determine if Saul was fine with David or Wanted him dead..
Lets just say Johnathan was called a Really bad name and got a spear hurled at his head..
Johnathan was so mad at his Dad that he wouldn’t allow himself to eat because he was depressed.. Another true test of a friendship is when one person is hurting or is Mocked, the other friend takes the heat too. David and Johnathan connected on an Emotional level and when the Arrow test came and The boy was sent beyond the arrows, They Both Wept and Cried.
David respected his friendship with Johnathan and Loved him with his heart.. In this moment, they were together, but David was about to be on the Constant run from Saul and the thoughts of never seeing his best friend again.. The hardest part about a close friendship is when you are forced to say Goodbye.. But, luckily for those who are Saved Christians like us, Goodbye is never Goodbye.
When we build a friendship on Love or a Similar Hobby, Movie, or Game Interest, we build a friendship on Shaky ground that WILL NOT LAST. However, when you build a friendship on the Common Love for Jesus Christ, there is no way that it can be broken even in death! God’s Love is eternal; Our Love will fail as with the Material interests of our minds but God’s Love lives on. I’m comforted that Grown Men Cried here and had a friendship that was unbreakable. Maybe you haven’t found that real friendship yet; that Unbreakable bond with a person. Or maybe you are looking for your soul-mate. My advice would be to start by making life-long friends with as many people you can, see how God sorts them in and out of our lives, and Then Choose who God is calling you to Be with for the rest of your life!
David’s and Johnathan’s friendship would last forever because they knew the Lord was apart of it and that he would never let it be broken. When they parted ways for the last time, I can’t Imagine what was on their minds. They both faced death from Saul now because of their “Forbidden” friendship. Sometimes people forbid you to be friends with each other not because of Anything you or your friend did. But because their standards of Your friend or You changed. For instance, Your Father doesn’t approve of your friend because he found out She Cut one time 5 Years ago and has been clean for 2 years from another addiction but Still feels like you two cannot be friends because of that. It wasn’t you or your friends’ fault– Look at the great accomplishment and blessing of being clean for Two years!– But it’s when people tend to put themselves first in Saul’s situation and forget God’s Plan for their lives that this stuff happens. Don’t be like Saul! Keep your Trust in God for your situation if you were a Couple and you have been separated or If you are Just Best friends for years and Your parents forbid it or One of you moved away.. When you Put your own feelings and self last, That’s truly when the hope for your friendship stays alive!

“Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the Lord, saying, ‘The Lord is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever.’” {1 Samuel 20: 42}

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“Randomorning Studies” Job 35-37

Well today I opened to Job and I was comforted when I saw that something was already underlined in my bible so It means I have been there and it was gonna be a Good Life Application. And indeed it was! Today we get an amazing glimpse at the detail and Character of God from Elihu, the Character from this story talking to Job to comfort him and Convince.

In Chapter 35, the story begins with Elihu realizing that Job tried to Justify his acts and feelings before God (Meaning that he was right and God wasn’t) and he wanted to know “what do I gain by not sinning?” and to me, that is an interesting question for us today. What does it matter if we sin or not? Well like always, we have an answer!
Verses 6-8 talks about what our sins do. God is not under sin, but we are! Sin cannot reach God, that’s the reason why we need to be made Clean by Jesus’ sacrifice so that we can go to heaven and be able to Be with God! But our sin– the sins of this world– Don’t affect God as much as they affect Us and everyone around us. When we sin, who benefits? The Devil. Everyone around us begins to hurt with us because of what we did or we end up hurting those around us because of what we have done. When we do bad things, it only affects the Humans around us.. It’s the same for people who think that they can give God what he Deserves from our Hands and Repay God for all he’s done for us.. That’s not possible! Can we repay God for such great things that he has done for us and for others? We could NEVER do that! So, whoever is overly righteous and whoever is Sinful.. They are on the same Page, God brushes them off; of course that doesn’t mean he still does not love Them. Our righteousness only affects others, when it is good and we are going against the world, it Benefits others’ views of what God looks like. But, when we are overly righteous and we think that by acting so we could win people over thats just going to butcher the Image of God by making them think we need to be Puppets on a string and conform to all these stuffy rules!
Elihu reminds Job that we need to Wait for God to answer us. When we doubt that God is there for us, we doubt his power in our lives! We need to trust God fully with our situation so that he CAN help us and his ear is not deaf to our Cries!
“But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.“ {James 1: 6-7}

In Chapter 36, Elihu continues on about God’s Love for those who Love him.
“God is mighty, but despises no one; he is mighty, and firm in his purpose”
God does not Hate those who continue to sin against him or be Overly righteous, he just wants everyone to be on the same level; being totally lost without his love and forgiveness! God doesn’t use his might to zap us down and Hate us and make our lives miserable, our lives are only miserable because of the Sins of those before us and the sins of others today and our Own sins! Think about it. You are having a great day and then someone comes along and steals your lunch and kicks you in the shin and runs away.. That just ruined your day. But it‘s not your Fault! It’s the fault of the one who got Yelled at by his mother today for not being Good enough.. See, when one person sins, it affects people down the line. One persons bad day can lead to your Sons, friends, best friends, Mother to trip on the laundry basket and hurt her knee!  It‘s crazy to think about, so that’s why we need to remember that God loves us but doesn’t approve of our sin because of what it does for us and others.

Just a quick reminder that if you have sinned and you don’t wanna be held captive to it anymore, there IS a way out! Read Job 36: 8-12 to see what I mean!

When we suffer, we sometimes feel like God is at his farthest point away from us. But, Look again. “But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction”. These words are being spoken to someone who is depressed and everyone who tried to “Help” him condemned him and Made him fall deeper into depression. Do you feel like Job? Do you feel like people are making you fall Deeper inside the black? There is a way out, it may just take losing those friends.. First off, talk to a pastor or a christian influence in your life. If you don’t have that, find me on twitter (@My_onesafe_soul) and we will talk! Second, remember that you are NOT too far away for God to reach his hand in and pull you out of that drowning feeling, and Third; Just look around you– God made all of it and he made you from his own Image– He didn’t design people to die off at a young age like the leaves each fall, He designed us to thrive and to Be pleased and content in what He has made, quite like the Animals on the earth. Infact, we are SMARTER than those animals and still we are not content! “(He) teaches us more than he teaches the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser that the birds in the sky” {Job 35: 11}

God is greater than our Understanding! We cant even understand how many years old God is or how God is Three in one Logically! We aren’t the ones who make the sun rise or the Animals be able to sense when a Disaster is coming; we aren’t the ones who can make rain turn into a downpour or turn that rain into snow! If we can’t understand how God does all that Himself, we cannot even begin to understand the amazing plans he has for those who Love him!
Read Job 36: 26 Through Job 37:24 and then just think for a moment..
God made you
God made the earth and everything in it
Nothing is unaccounted for or unseen
So.. Do you think that God can help you out of your Deep hole of whatever it may be?
Which side of God would you rather be on? The thundering side of Judgement with Ugly Grey and black storm clouds of punishment? Or would you rather be on the Side of God’s Fertility of the earth and dropping down blessings out of Love like rain? It’s not a hard choice. But you have to choose..

So, from what you have read today, Maybe it‘s time you flip your switch from Dark to light. Depression only lasts however long you say it should last. There IS a way out and it is only through being on the right side of those storm clouds. Do you see these dark clouds of hurt as a punishment or as a way to make you grow more?
However you look at a struggle decides what you will get from that struggle. Choose today to look at these Storm clouds of Hurt and Sadness in your life as something used to make you grow much like a Flower instead of striking you down like a rejected hollow tree. Choose Jesus today <3

“He does not take his eyes off the righteous; he enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever.” {Job 36: 7}

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“Randomorning Studies” Hebrews 11:36 - 12:3

So, I’ve decided that on Sundays, I will do a New Test. Verse to start off our week. Keep in mind that this is AFTER Jesus died, not before like we usually talk about! Also, I was about to send this to a friend when I was lead to do a Study on this!
So lets walk through this amazing Chunk of Scripture!

“36. Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. 37. They were put to death by stoning; they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated–”
Wow.. Should I take back the “amazing” part just yet..? Well not when you figure out WHY this happened! See, this is describing what happened to people for believing in Jesus Christ.. They were drown in water, Put in Jail and Confinement, some died from getting a stone thrown at them, Some got SLICED IN HALF with a Sword or Knife, and Some Burned on a stake.. Why would people go SO Far for someone they couldn’t see..?
Faith is the answer.
They didn’t go through this because God told them they had to or that God made bad things happen; they could have ran away from their fears and denied that they didn’t even know Jesus! But they didn’t, they fought through all this stuff because they Loved Jesus as their Savior and Lord!
When you think of those things, you think “Those are Major examples” but some were just simply not treated like they should have been.. From the Most Major Persecution to the most Minor thing in someones brain, Taking a Hit for Jesus is something of Greater worth..

“38. The world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.
39. These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised.“
These people had worth greater than they got rewarded for.. Infact, NONE of them got what they asked for.. Doesn’t that seem like a worthless Existence and why was God so Unfair with these people? Well what I’ve come to learn is that God Himself sometimes allows the bad to happen to bring out Good for Others. Think about it. If those persecutions NEVER happened, we would have never heard about it in the Bible and I would be talking about another verse today now wouldn’t I? So what does that mean for you? These people never got what they asked for and yet STILL Contently Died for Jesus. Would you and I be able to say that today? Something to think about at 1:00 At night..

“40. Since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.“
In this world, we don’t hit perfection everyday do we? We cant! We aim for it, but we don’t always hit the target. God longs for us to be One with Him. It can happen here on Earth when you surrender Everything to him and then Ultimately in Heaven when you reunite with him and He makes you back into the Image of His Son Jesus! God knows everyones hearts and he knows that If they weren’t given what they wanted they would either Die unfulfilled or Die with Dignity and Contentment. He chose the take these peoples Lives because their hearts were SO On fire for him that he couldn’t wait any longer to take them away from their misery and Reunite them with Him and make them whole. I’m not saying that God is waiting to Kill you when you because so Devoted to Him, but He does “Jealously long to become one in Spirit” with you. That’s in the bible! He Loves you and wants to make you whole in Him on Earth and then Fully whole in Heaven one day. These trials we face may not be for our good HERE but those people who faced those trials prob. received the Best in heaven! Wouldn’t you want to say that when you get up there?

“1. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2. fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”
Since we have these people looking down on us, and that we have such an Example infront of us, we should keep that in mind when we live our lives. What do you think of when you sin? The Sin. If We aren’t thinking about the sinful things and thinking about Jesus, what are we gonna be thinking about when we sin..?
Thats a Trick Question, We wont be sinning because we have our Eyes fixed on the Plans and Words of God Himself!
When we have our eyes fixed on the heavenly, we are running straight for heaven! That isn’t to say we’ll fall down or step off course at times, but if we have our eyes peeled on the Future in heaven INSTEAD of the future here on earth then we have a Guaranteed Good future in mind and not an Unstable shaky at best future! God will perfect our faith and Oust the Sin that is inside. We can get so easily entangled in Sin, this is why this verse is so Important to read often! We need to run the Good race headed out for us, that takes hurt sometime to test our genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we win the race, but we can never, ever Walk off so far that we cannot be welcomed back into his arms!
God is our Pioneer, he will lead us to Safe waters if We Keep our Faith in Him and on the Future! How can we be sure that we can put our Faith in Jesus and be able to have a Reward in Heaven one day?

“2b. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”

Jesus is our Ultimate example of dependency on God the Father! Jesus died Joyfully for you and me because he knew the Joy that would happen AFTER.. He had to endure it first, but he continuously reminded his Disciples that there was GOOD in the Seemingly bad. If Jesus never died, we would have never had life with him either! The disciples, like me and you sometimes, wondered why Jesus had to die and why a Bad thing would happen to– The Best person who EVER lived!! But Jesus reminded them it was for THEIR good. Deaths in a community can bring people together and provide hope for those who have none. In the same Way, Jesus Christ died so that we could receive Help– The Holy Spirit– and NEVER be alone even when he was gone! That same Spirit is living in the Hearts of those who truly seek him today! We need to remember that Jesus was rejected So badly by the people who despised him and hated his Guts. Jesus exposed the real motives of those who wanted to Serve God with their Lips and those who Loved for the benefit. If Jesus was able to Overcome temptation, Stand Blameless before a Court, and Die a death he Did not by any means deserve then We, who have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to help; then we can endure even the worst of things..

Bad things happen to people because God said it was so. God’s ultimate Example of that was in the Death of His Pure and blameless Son Jesus. We aren’t perfect people, we don’t even deserve the best all the time.. But thats no exception. When it’s our time, it’s our time, and We can make the most out of it remembering that there is A God watching out for us, planning out the best time for us to be reunited with him and be full again. Don’t be afraid, He Has a Plan.

“Endure hardship as discipline: God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?” {Hebrews 12: 7}

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“Randomorning Studies” 2 Samuel 18-19

I was surprised to see this show up when I opened my Bible today, I love this story in 2 Samuel and I’m going to be focusing in on three Characters today. Shimei, Joab, and Mephibosheth (or Mephib for Short).
The story begins with a War Happening against Absalom (Davids Son that took over and forced David to run away) and David himself. David made some messy choices but was able to come back to be king, which we see here in 19. However, I’m not gonna focus on David too much today or even Absalom at that matter! I’m going to focus on the others in the story and how they handled extreme conditions that people face and how these People in the bible Faced them.
Joab - Joab was high and Mighty but still a Good man! He was general of David’s Army that was winning the battle. Now when a man of the army spotted David’s Son hanging in a tree because his Hair Got stuck, the Mans intentions were not to Kill Absalom but to help him out of the tree. Joab, however did not heed Davids words to Spare Absalom and Killed him Right there with three Spears in his heart.. This is an amazing Application I see hidden in this story today. You see, like the one man said “nothing is hidden from the king” {2 Samuel 18: 13} and Our King is God. If nothing is hidden from him, then the things we do to others Are Seen. You might think “I have no King so I can do whatever I want to and I will never get caught” and It’s true, you may never get caught in this life.. but Did you ever think about the consequences and future Judgement that lies to all who thinks there is no reprimanding for their Wrong doings? When Joab saw the Chance, He Lunged spears into The Heart of Absalom and Killed him thinking not whatsoever of the Kings feelings for his own Son. Us Christians are like Absalom; we have all begun to reign in our own kingdoms and Kicked out our Daddy from the throne. But then, we realize that we needed our daddy all along and we come back and end up stuck in a war-zone. If you are like Joab in this story and, without thinking you Lunge insults and Death into the hearts of The ones whom The King of Kings Loves then I would encourage you to rethink your life right here. Joab not only killed Davids Son but sent a Guy to Lie to David to bring Good news when bad news was Imminent. Thats pretty Hypocritical for a Strong man of David’s own Army.. Please Don’t be an Joab, Take the Next step with Our Next Character.

Shimei- Because Absalom was Dead, David was able to return to his Kingdom. The people who turned against David were now mourning for the same cause he was and they had everything in common. When David returned to his Kingdom once again, the First person who rushed out to see him was Shimei. He didn’t hold back in his Begging and said:
“May my lord not hold me guilty. Do not remember how your servant did wrong on the day my lord the king left Jerusalem. May the king put it out of his mind. For I your servant know that I have sinned, but today I have come here as the first from the tribes of Joseph to come down and meet my lord the king.”
{2 Samuel 19:19-20}
This Guy deserved Death, He Cursed David who was Chosen By God.. However, David has Mercy on him and Forgave Him right away. This is exactly what God wants to do for you if You have not already asked God for this forgiveness. We have all been Joab‘s, we all have Rebelled against the Kings wishes, But our King has forgiven us Like Shimei even though what we have done to Him is a Disgrace! After we ask God to forgive us from all we have done, Then we can become faithful like our Final Character.

Mephibosheth- The Story of Mephib is an Amazing one! If you want a little side Study, Check out:
–And this is the Conclusion of his Amazing Story! Mephib was seen as a Person who– like all of the People of Judah– betrayed his King. The World viewed him as A Traitor because of his situation. When he approached David, I’m sure David was Shocked. This guy was lame (Not boring, injured for life) so coming down to David was a Huge task. When Mephib was seeking David, He found him and fell at his feet and told him that Instead of Being a betrayer HE WAS THE ONE BETRAYED! David looked at him and found that he didn’t even take a Bath or take care of Himself because he was SO worried about David because he was not on the throne..
Because God is not on the throne anymore in our Nation (Says our President), we ought to be like Mephibosheth and be praying for our nation and tirelessly trying to save our Nation for our Great Kings return. When we see Jesus Face to face, do we want to be known as the Guy who Killed his Son or the Good and Faithful servant?
I Can’t make that descision for you, it’s one you and your heart have to make. But hopefully, if you haven’t made that decision then Today might be the day for you. And if you have made the decision and feel more like a Joab than a Mephib then do what Shimei did and Come to your King and start again!

“Now go out and encourage your men. I swear by the Lord that if you don’t go out, not a man will be left with you by nightfall.“ {2 Samuel 19: 7a}

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“Randomorning Studies” Isaiah 40: 25- 41:29.

Today we have a Big trial ahead of us, God VS gods. Now you are probably wondering what I’m talking about, so Give me some time to explain and it may make more sense. I’m Actually going to start with Verses 22-29 of Isaiah 41 first and then go on. I see this as a soul who is longing to find the answers in something that is other than the one and only God; someone who is looking for hope for their future in an Idol. We do this anytime we search for contentment in something other than God. Whether it’s Physical Pleasure, Video Games, Relationships, a Hobby, an Addiction, or even our Good reputations. Choosing something other than God is nothing new to us, we’ve done it since Day 1 and God is not surprised one bit. He just wants to show us the contrast of These Idols and His Grace and Mercy in His Son. This Chapter is actually a Prophecy about Jesus Himself! When you look anywhere for answers– even in yourself– other than God you are going to come back void. But when you Come to God, You will not come back void. And as I said, God is not surprised of our discontentment! Infact, God actually planned it out this way
“For God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.” {Romans 11: 32}

How does God show us his Mercy? Through his Son!
Lets turn back to Isaiah 40: 25 and read on to Verse 22 of Chapter 41!
Who Created the heavens? Who calls the stars by Name and makes sure none are missing? The Everlasting God! If we need strength, it can be found in the Lord! We cant just go on pretending like we aren’t God’s chosen people because we ARE! He “took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my Servant‘; have chosen you and have not rejected you.” {Isaiah 41: 9-10}
And we are chosen by God, the one who makes the stars and the Heavens and Made you and me.. Why would we wanna go to something or someone else for the time of day?
God Promised in Isaiah that He would send a Savior and Helper for Israel, He would level everyone out and let everyone be accessible to His Grace and Presence. God promised to send a Helper to Strengthen us in our weakness and Give the Poor and Needy what they need! This would all be met in Jesus Christ, and we do not have to fear!
Haven’t you heard about The Love that Jesus has for you?
Have you tasted and seen yet if He is good or not?
Jesus was here from beginning and will be here til the end, Those who trust in Him will not Tire of what is doing Good and Not become Weary or Tired. He gives us this strength, not strength like the world Gives, but a New Strength and makes the weak strong again! The ones who trust God will Soar Higher than those who trust in other things and be able to overcome things that We NEVER thought we could! Praise God!
“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.“ {Isaiah 40: 28-31}

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“Randomorning Studies” Numbers 13-14

When I opened up today in Deuteronomy, I started reading and looked away to type something on my Laptop. I return to reading and before I knew it, I was oddly reading in Numbers and not in Deuteronomy.. It never flipped, so I know that this is what God wanted me to write about today for sure!
Our Story today starts with a Special mission to seek out a Promised Land for God’s Chosen People, the Israelites. They were sent and drafted by Moses to search out the land and see what Kinda people lived there, if the land seemed nice, and what kinda food they had. Kinda like when we look up online where good places to take Vacations are and what they have to eat! When they came back for the report, they brought back some leftovers for Moses and Aaron to see. They had great reports of the food and the land, but there was just one problem. The Area was sketchy and the people were just plain Vicious.. So what now? This was the land that they were promised by God but yet the people started wanting to pack up their bags and go back into Egypt. Okay, now before I go on, Lets get something straight here. God took Israel out of Egypt– Out of Slavery– and Promised them this land to have and they wanna go BACK into Slavery?! Seems ridiculous right? Sadly, we are ALL guilty of doing the SAME thing.. 
We have all chosen something over God– we Have all wanted to turn back and Go into slavery– Even while we are still Christians! We’ve slipped in being “clean” of something once in our lives, we’ve tasted other things and may or may not have gotten Burned! The proof was in the fruit, The Future of their lives COULD have been fruitful.. But instead, here’s what these people said:
“But the men who had gone up with him said, “We can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are.” And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, “The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size.“ {Numbers 13: 31-32}
They were overwhelmed by the things that were stronger than they were. A Wise Christian WILL answer Differently “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” Says Caleb in verse 30. Now how does any of this apply to us in any way? Well think about it. We are promised a Fruitful future by God with Him, We have no reasons to doubt and we have the fruit of God’s labor in us to prove it. But instead of trusting in God for our future, we doubt we have any help to overcome the things stronger than we are. So we head back and run away from God’s plans for us and we get caught in this Depression or Emptiness. We hear that when they turned away from God, God turned his back on them. But not all of them, you see the two who knew they could get through the future were Caleb and Joshua who trusted in God enough to say “If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us.“ {Numbers 14: 8} and they knew that they could not do it on their strength. The reality is that we CANT attack those troops, they ARE stronger than we are. But we have a God who is for us and not against us, whom or what shall we fear?

Most of the time, Society wants us to be governors of our own Lives and lead our way to our “Perfect Future” and that is purely false. A Future without God is like a World without Garbage Trucks, A Mess. When Israel disagreed with Josh and Caleb, they were going to kill them because they were so blinded by fear that they were talking about some impossible Suicide mission! God was NOT Happy with this one bit..
You See, God is a Loving God because he sent us Jesus to be the atonement for our own rebellions against him. BUT when you deny the power of God in your life and try to kill others that Trust him, Do you think if you were God you would be cool with that? NO! God promised this land to them, Yes! So, to remain faithful to His Promise, God allowed those who Gave HIM the Glory to See the Land he Promised, not the ones who thought they had it all figured out themselves.
Not one of the doubting people tasted the Goodness of God’s promised land for them because they got so caught up in their own lives and died in the wilderness of Emptiness and Depression and never stopped and saw that God was Giving them everything they needed. Don’t make this choice! Maybe today is the day that it’s time to rethink your life and start heading to the promised land instead of where you wanna go yourself here on earth.

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky”
{Philippians 2: 14-15}

“The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.’ In accordance with your great love, forgive the sin of these people, just as you have pardoned them from the time they left Egypt until now.” {Numbers 14: 18-19}

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"Randomorning Studies" Deuteronomy 23-24

I have to say that this one was a thinker, but still there are practical life applications we can get from this!

When I look at the Old Testament I tend to think of the orders and demands as the “Heavenly Code” or how people should act if they were to bring heaven down to earth. The Lord gave all these people rules on purpose– knowing they could not keep them– to Prove to them that they needed to Turn to God to send a real atonement for our sins! However, we need to keep in mind that anyone who Is a Christian and continues in what they know is sin is guilty and spotted. But that is not something Jesus can fix right away; He can make you spotless if you are willing! The beginning of Chapter 23 shows more contrast that even if you turned away from God to an Idol (Or loving something more than God) at one time, you are unworthy and “Unholy” enough to get into heaven.. This is why Jesus came!

So now, if all these rules are simply guidelines, what should we do now? Well a verse came to mind right when I was reading this. It comes from James:

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself polluted by the world” {James 1: 27}

This is EXACTLY what Deuteronomy 23 AND 24 is talking about remade and redesigned– by Jesus’ Sacrifice– in One Verse! If someone is a Foreigner in your town or in your School, what do you do? Do you ignore them and treat them like an Alien? Or do you go up to them (even if Language is a barrier) and Make them feel welcomed? The Lord is telling us here that we had ought to treat foreigners and people who are Poor in Needy with Special modesty and Love! We had ought to treat them like one of us, also because at one time WE ourselves were poor in the eyes of the Lord but have been made rich in knowing Jesus Christ!! We don’t want to pass up an opportunity to witness to an Unbelieving or Unknowing soul, do We?

Another topic in these two Chapters is the topic of making vows to the Lord. This is seen in Verses 21-23 in Chapter 23. As humans, we make vows (or Promises) to people all the time. We intend to make these promises, but we don’t always come through (Just look at the boisterous claims of the Presidential and Governmental Elections on TV or on the Internet!) But that is nothing in comparison to making a vow to God. It says here that If you tell God that you are doing something YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.. 
Ecclesiastes 5: 5-6 Says: “When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it. Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, "My vow was a mistake.’ ”
When we make a vow to God, we cant take it back. When we make a vow to a Human and break it, we may feel guilty, but we can be freed of that guilt! (I talked about this in a earlier study if you scroll down a bit!)
As it says, It’s better the not make a vow then to make one and break it before God. So, How do we keep ourselves from keeping promises from others and God?! We have the answer and it is also from the Book of James:
“Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear– not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. All you need to say is a simple "Yes” or “No”. Otherwise you will be condemned" {James 5: 12}

Final topic here in Deuteronomy is marriage. Can I talk heavily on this? No! But I can say that if I was in the shoes of the men in these days I would rejoice of this decree. The Lord says that “If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any duty laid on him…” Now STOP. Before I go on I must say that just because you are married, that one year period does NOT Exempt you from doing any work around the house or to provide for your new Spouse. It was just referring to the fact that the Honeymoon (which back then lasted a Year!) period should be a time of Love and rest from the realities of life. “For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.”
God DOES Approve of honeymoons! Back then, it was said that the Man could stay at home with his wife so that they would have time to do.. the things that married people do! Couples that are married should be able to use the gift that God has given to exclusively them before having to worry about being killed in war!!

God always has our BEST interests in mind as well as the interests of others in the low grid of the social scale! If we think that we deserve special treatment just because we are Christians (which is true, we are different and special!) we need to remember that Jesus, in his earthly ministry, came to the Lowly of the lowly without a care! He came for the lost, and we ought to remember that!
“Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and the Lord your God redeemed you from there. That is why I command you to do this” {Deuteronomy 25: 18}

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"Randomorning Studies" Exodus 9

Okay, so I’ll admit that I was a little skeptic when opening to Exodus during the Nasty Plagues, but sure enough God was faithful and showed me Story to apply to a seemingly tough situation for a Christian; a Hardened Heart.

We open up to a Struggle of Moses trying to free The People of Israel (Which I’ve been talking about allot, this is the beginning of God’s plan for them being His Chosen Nation!) from the Clutches of Slavery. In this story we see three Astonishing signs from The Lord that prove his hand was on this situation. Livestock dying, Boils on their Skin, a Massive Hailstorm.. But Heres the thing, it wasn’t on the Israelites, it was on the Egyptian people under the influence of Pharaoh! This story also gives us an amazing example of the Faith Moses had in God. Look at verse 5! “The Lord set a time and said "Tomorrow the Lord will do this in the land.” Moses had Faith in God and God kept promising Him that what he was going to be doing was #GodApproved

Now the Main application here I found in Verses 13-21. The Lord allowed the Heart of Pharaoh to be Hardened (meaning He would not give in whatsoever), which shows us the amazing fact that nobody can do anything without letting it go through the hands of God! Like Moses was sent to do, Jesus Christ wants to do today. He wants to free us from the Slavery we have In Sin so that we May turn to Him and worship Him. You might think that’s stingy or unfair of God, but when we are finally free from something we’ve been trapped in for SO Long we will WANT to Praise the Lord!
We Also see what Happens when someone callouses (or Hardens) their heart to wanting to be free– The Lord gives us Free will to Choose Life or Death, and we have been WARNED MANY TIMES IN HIS WORD– God will ultimately Punish these people because they willfully Continue to choose something and choose something over God with Eternal Consequences.. But we Don’t have to taste the wrath of God!
“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” {2 Peter 3:9}

Heres a Question, why did The Lord keep hardening their hearts?! The answer is in verse 16! “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed to all the earth” Now, I admit The Lord was talking to Moses Here, but think about it. God sometimes gives people a hard heart so that God can show mercy on them IF THEY STOP HARDENING! Back to this whole free will thing, If you read 15 The Lord Said that he coulda wiped them off the face of the earth, BUT He was patient with them because he did not want them to perish or Die! Look at what happened to Pharaoh, He Notices his Sin in Verse 27 and Tells Moses to ask God for forgiveness. When Moses Stops the Plague, He goes right back to Hardening His heart..

Sometimes we cant stop the inevitable, but we can still Love on people. Don’t let someones Hard heart Stop you from Living a Beautiful Life with God! He will Set you Free!!

“But I know that you and your officials still do not fear the Lord God”
Exodus 9: 30

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"Randomorning Studies" Daniel 1-2

Today I was blessed with another Amazing Study this Sunday. It points Directly to Jesus alone, not specifically, but Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Daniel and then tell me what you see!

The story starts out with Daniel and his four Buddies, chosen from one of the Tribes of God’s chosen people, Israel. They were assigned new names and given some food to eat which was “Dedicated to Nebuchadnezzar’s god, & NOT the True God I talk about here on my Blog”. Daniel would not define himself with it. Now this is because the Lord gave word to Moses that it was Bad to eat Food Sacrificed to an Idol. (Now since Jesus came, he abolished the Old Test. Rituals and Replaced them with His Grace and Sacrifice. However, if you want a Reference about this in the New Test., Check out 1 Cor. 10: 28-31)
So where am I going with this? Daniel did not Give in to this ‘unclean’ food, it would have ruined his conscience before the Lord! Instead, he Kept away and requested that the others do the same. So, instead of Wine and Other Foods, Daniel ate Vegetables! Him and his friends did this experiment and after a week and a Half, they LOOKED Better! Now I’m not writing this to say “EAT YOUR VEGGIES, KIDS” because All I can think of now is that 'Rack, Shaq, and Benny’ Veggie Tales Video… However when I read this, I was able to apply that when we Refuse to Indulge in the Sinful pleasures of the World, we start to show Major Improvements in Attitude, Mind, and Spirit! Why is this? Because, when we Go against God when we are Already Saved by Him (when you Give your heart to Christ & makes him your Savior) You feel Guilty and it ruins your conscience with you do bad because it Dishonors God (or at least, you will at some time).. And maybe you feel Guilty and you feel like you can’t Go before God because He’ll hate you.  Let me Just say this: Choose the Right way and Do away with Guilt! Choose Jesus and you will never have to feel Guilty again. Now that doesn’t mean you wont be tempted with “Guilty Pleasures” once and a While, but Do as Daniel did and DON’T GO WITH THE WAY THE WORLD IS GOING! Notice that after they stood out, Nebuchadnezzar realized there was something special in these Teen Boys. What was it? It was Jesus!

Christians sometimes get into thinking “Well maybe if I was better or Something, People would accept Me more” and The truth is that Not everyone WILL accept you. But You can bet that they can Say– Or at least think– That you are Better then all those people who Practice evil things. Give them time and if they don’t think it now, they will; even if it isn’t Said to your face!

When Human Logic says “There’s no possible way to Do such a Thing”, The Lord Laughs in the face of Logic and says “Maybe you can’t, But I Can” and He used Daniel to Interpret the Dreams that The King was having. Amazingly, I recognized what it meant too! Pssh, If I was around back then with NebbyK, I’d Be living a Royal life! But see, Daniel neverr heard ABOUT Jesus, but Because God showed Him truth in a Vision, He could CLEARLY SEE Jesus being portrayed infront of his Very eyes! Jesus Here, Portrayed as a Rock that Breaks the Statues and Idols, is A Symbol of a Firm Foundation that Crushes all who Defy. The Statue was The Sins and Pleasures of this world– Like that Wine and Food the King Had for Daniel that he refused– which Take the Spot of Jesus in our Lives. But Jesus CRUSHES Sin in our lives (Or leaves us in a Spot where we see Him walking over all of it to get to us) and Overcomes it! Jesus IS the Rock!

So, I just want you to remember this today. What you stand on is what your Foundation is? Do you stand on Good Morals and Behavior? Will that alone save you and If you fail that (even Once..) what then? Do you stand on a Crutch of an Addiction or Sin that’s been leaving you Guilty or Maybe You’ve been in it so Long, The Guilt went away and it has become the thing you use to Get by? OR. Is Jesus your Crutch? Thats the #1 thing against Christians “You use Jesus as a Crutch” and I would like to say “Yes, because if My Crutch was a Breaking Branch of Addiction or Pleasure, I’m gonna Fall instantly on my face!” Jesus is my Support– My Help! Will Your Foundation Conquer over The Idols and Sins of this Life and Flourish into a Mountaintop?
Maybe yours Wont.. But My God Is “I Am” and He is this Rock.
And He can be yours today too. Read the Story of Daniel in The first Two Chapters of this Book in The Bible and you WILL See Jesus being Clearly portrayed as the Only Foundation which Wipes Guiltiness out the Door, Which leaves you feeling better than when you came to Him, and Overcomes and WILL Build his Temple in you and his Holy Kingdom again One Day. Hallelujah!

“In a time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.”
{Daniel 2:44}

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"Randomorning Studies" - Ezra 1-3

Well, out of a Conscious choice of Wanting to get into the Word more, I told myself that I would open to a Random Page in the New Testament every morning and See how I can apply that to my Life and My Day. So, today I opened Directly to Ezra and I read on til Chapter 3.

Have you ever found yourself so Far Gone you think that you can never be found again? It’s so easy to fall into a “I’m gonna be here forever” mindset. But I’m here to tell you something new, something fresh that can break you out of a Norm. and that is that God does not WANT that for the people He Loves!

In 2 Chronicles, It ends off in a rough spot for God’s Chosen people. We see that all the Young Men and Women had been killed and God’s Temple Burned to the ground. I know I have felt at some time Like I’m under so much fire that the Me that used to be Was merely a case of a person. But see, this is the cool part! Jeremiah, a man of God, was promised that God’s chosen people would all return to a Place after their Exile (or time of Grief and pain) and It shows in the First Chapter of Ezra God fulfilling that very promise!

God wants to help you rebuild what has been Lost. I can relate to having SO much of a Life wasted on Addiction, Pleasure, and depression. It kills me that I can’t undo the past or make up for all that lost time. But Here’s an example of God helping his People do JUST that! Maybe you’ve wasted your time in Addiction and you say “I can never get those Years back that I wasted” and as true as it may Be, God is offering you a fresh Start out of Exile here! Or maybe you have Regrets of things you said in the past or Things said/Done to you. Those scars can never be erased or forgotten; That is, On your own strength!
You might Lose some friends on the way or people you truly loved, but GOD WANTS YOU OUT OF THAT EXILE! God’s going to do what He can to restore you because He Loves you and CHOSE you today, Right NOW! He’s going to bring people into your life, when you put your trust in Him, that are going to Build you up instead of Burn you down. He’s going to bring in all the stuff you had lost before and restore you as a new person!

One Final cool thing that I noticed here is when God does something in your life, He doesn’t just meet your needs in full, He meets the needs of people around you as well! Like in Ezra 3:7, God feeds us and those who have been sent to help us Abundantly! Remember this also, there may be people who weep when they see you being rebuilt because they are still spiritually burned down themselves. Don’t let them change you or drag you back into exile! Let the Lord our God restore them if Only they are willing to let him do that!

We can Come out of Exile today if we trust the Lord and Use this story to remind us that we are not Lost forever and that there are real people waiting to rejoice with us when we are made whole again!

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ” {1 Corinthians 3: 11}

“With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord:
‘He is good;
his love toward Israel endures forever.’
And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.” {Ezra 3: 11}

(I must note that it’s Amazingly Hilarious that Both References I used today are both found in Chapter 3, verse 11 of the Books. God Moment~)


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I've Found the Secret! (End of Philippians Study)

When we do anything or Listen to anything, we wanna know the Secret, Right? We all look for Meaning a Purpose in this life, some find it but in all the Wrong places and They say they are content but they are really miserable at the Core or have bought into a lie that they are happy. I read this Verse today in 1 Corinthians:
“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw,their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work.” (1 Cor. 3: 11-13)

If we Build our Foundation on Jesus, He will be that Stronghold for us. The Secret wasn’t Hard to see by now for Paul in The Letter to the Philippians and Isn’t too hard for us to see right now Either. We hear it allot so here it is: Philippians 4:13.

“I can do all things through Christwho strengthens me.” (NKJV)

If we want to Accomplish this almost Seemingly Impossible task of being Content in Every Situation like it says in Philippians 4 verses 11 & again in 12 then we need to stop Saying this verse and Start Believing it, Really Feeling It, and Knowing it in our Minds AND Hearts. People asked Jesus, “Whats the Greatest Commandment” and Jesus Gave us the Secret “Love one Another”. If we asked Paul “How do you Do what you do and still Keep Sane and Joyful?” and He would say “I Can do all things through Christ who Gives me Strength”.
Jesus came to do the Impossible, and If we wanna do the Impossible too (Like it says in Philippians 3: 10-11) We need to Press on. Paul didn’t get where He was By Standing around. How do we Press on? Philippians 4: 13. IF We want to do the Impossible, We need to Believe this. It starts right here in Philippians by Believing what Paul said and What Jesus came to say. The Man born Blind in Johns Account of the Gospel said “If this man were not from God, he could do nothing” but, Like in Philippians 4:13 “If This man is from God, then Now he Can do anything!”
Our God gives us All the Strength we need to get through, and According to Paul he will supply our EVERY Need according to his Glorious Riches in Christ Jesus. Not Might.. WILL Meet all our needs.

It’s always important to Give God the Glory. Look at what happened to King Herod in Acts 12:23 “Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an Angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died” Paul Closes the Paragraph in Philippians with “To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” as I said Before it is Super-Important to Give God the Glory so that we WONT Become Jaded.

So, to Answer a Common Question: “How do we not become Hopeless in the Bad and Jaded in the Good?” We need to Listen to What God is Telling us Through Paul and Remember that we Can Do everything through God’s Own Strength and Now we Know that we need to Give God the Glory for every Good thing In order not to become Jaded in such a way in Our Happiness.

So as for all The Bad that Can Happen to us, through all the Trials and Torture and All the Hurt inside.. We can have Amazing Stories and Save MANY people through our Trust in Jesus Christ. Look at all the Bad and The same with the Good that happened to Paul as well. He was in Chains, but He was Safe & Respected. He Was Shipwrecked, but God saved him and He got to Go where he Wanted to and Paul even Saved a Good Portion of The Emperor of ROME for Crying out loud, one of the Only Places with A Huge Government and Guards and A Place where Jesus was NEVER Preached. That’s why Paul wanted to go There, he could have Chosen the Easy route, but He Departed and went alone to Rome. Where all his worst fears were.

Did you know that Paul Deliberately Sailed for his Own Worst fears? I mean, who WANTS to Get Beheaded or Killed or anything like that? When we Say like it is said in Isaiah 6:8 “Here I am, Lord Send Me” we Are headed into the Vast Unknown. Sometimes we need to ask Jesus “Lord, If it’s You, Ask me to Come” and If We hear him Say “come”.. Our Hearts my Cry out in Fear and we may be afraid of the Unknown, But why would Jesus Say “Come” if He wasn’t already there? Jesus calls us out to the Vast Unknown of Our Future because He’s Standing right there for you at the end of that Road or Expedition if you will. Expeditions sometimes end. Some end when we Die, or some end before and we Have to Trust God all over again for a New One. In All Honesty, I’m Scared of my Future and what is to come from it.. But I know one thing. Jesus, who Called me out, is already there. He cant call out from the wind and Not be there, but he surely can call out through the wind. In all things I can know and Trust that no Matter what Hardships come my way, “I can do All things through Christ who Gives Me Strength”

“The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your Spirit. Amen”
Philippians 4: 23.

Song Lyric “(You’re The Reason For) Every Good thing, Every Heartbeat, everyday we Get to Breathe. (You’re The Reason For) Everything that Lasts, Every Second Chance, Every Laugh. Life is So Sweet, (You’re The Reason For)” ~The Afters - Every Good Thing

“Dear Jesus,
Sometimes Things Get Rough and I Let my doubt get in the way, but I’ve learned the Secret now! I Can do all things in your Name and I pray that my Life would reflect every Good thing that happens to Me back to the one who’s making it that way, Good Lord! Help me to Trust in your Plans and If I must sail into my Worst Fears, I know that You are with Me every Step and Every Massive Wave on the Way. Amen~”


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A White Christmas Afterall! (Merry Christmas!)

God is With Us, He Is Good, His Spirit Lives in Us, He is Our Joy!

As I am Writing this, it is Christmas morning and I woke up to see and hear a Muddy, Windy, Green Christmas. Earlier in the week I Complained about it saying “But.. It’s not gonna feel Like Christmas” But, What did Christmas feel like for our Savior?
Jesus was born literally Into Our Sin to Be Sin for us. As soon as He Got here, it was just like “Hello! Welcome to The Smelly Manure World you’re gonna live your Human life in Jesus!" 
If I was Jesus, I’d wanna be born into someone who was Grand, High Respected, Good Genetics (Less Hair, preferably..)
But No! God said "I’m gonna Pick a Virgin who’s not Married and I’m gonna Test everyone around Her and they are going to marvel that A Teenage GIRL just like Most of My Friends is going to Birth the Savior of the world. Imagine if They had twitter or Facebook Back then– The GOSSIP that would have been going around..
Who Did God Test?
-Joseph (He Almost Left Her, for He thought she was Conceiving because she lied about her virginity, but he was a Good Guy, so He was just going to Divorce her Quietly. But an Angel said "Nope! You think– Haha! Thats a Good One, No. Your Girlfriend is chosen to be the one who Brings the Savior of the World prophesied like 700 Years Prior!)
-Her Friends
-Her Family

God Knew what he was doing. He Brought Jesus into this Muddy world and we Celebrate that Birth on Christmas Day. We have to remember that.. Christmas isn’t about the Snow or The Presents or Gifts.. Actually Yes it is.. But not in the Same Context. So, Let me Explain!

Christmas is About Gifts: We Have ALL been Given Spiritual Gifts by the Father for those who have the Holy Spirit dwelling Inside them. We can Use our Talents and Gifts this Christmas to lead others to the Lord. I was able to Sing this Christmas, which was such a Blessing, and By doing that I felt the Spirit of Happiness that Day!

Christmas is About Presents: God Gave us the Best Present of All. And I know that sounds SUPER Cliche by now cuz we’ve heard it every Christmas and This WHOLE December and then some! But, Did you know that This Gift Given to Us.. Is Free? For God SO Loved this World that He Sacrificed his Only Son only to Raise him Again and Conquor Death so that WE Can Be Free from the Bondage of Sin that we Lug around all Year and Be WORTHY enough to Be with Him one Day! Although nothing We (or I) can Do will Ever be a worthy Sacrifice– Nothing I have EVER Done could Measure up to the Gift God has Given me with His Only Son– But God Provided that Gift to Be Broken for Us on This Night so that we could be Whole. In. Him.

Christmas is About Snow: Whats Christmas without Snow? Some might say worthless and I came around to thinking about it and The white Stuff, it’s Just frozen water.. But Christmas without A Certain Snow IS worthless. When Jesus was Born, God knew he would have to Die and People felt Grieved for that fact that Loved him. Jesus Struggled with people trying to Keep him there on the Earth, He even prayed to God that Somehow the Cup would be passed to someone else.. But He knew He had to Do his Father’s Perfect will and He did it and was Obedient to A Cross! How does this have to do with Snow when it just sounds Bloody? Well, When Jesus Died that Sinless Death he Did it with US in mind– With You and Me in Mind– And He did it Because he wanted to Make us As WHITE AS SNOW This Christmas. Christmas without us Being Redeemed is like Saying we Want a Gift, Seeing it Under the Tree, then Not Opening it until we cannot Enjoy it anymore or Not at All.. We need to understand that the Sin and Bad Stuff we Carry around will NEVER BE ENOUGH for Us.. If You Read this Blog, You can read How these Sins and Addictions took me down.. When I looked away from the Son, I fell.. Like Ice on the Sidewalk I Just Kept Falling.. I was Living like I wasn’t Saved– And Before I was Living UNSAVED– But Living like your Unsaved WHEN you are Saved is Just as Worse off as actually BEING Unsaved.. Scary Thought, but Why do we reject this Amazing Gift? Why should YOU Reject it any longer– Just Open it for Me today.. Please. Jesus wants to make you White As Snow, Sinless and Blameless of Everything You EVER Did in the Past and will Do in the Future. Alone? Not anymore, God is Always there! Unseen, but Always Proving his Existence to Us (and to Me this Very Day). And if You have already Accepted this Gift, Remember to Live Like you are White as Snow this Christmas! Infact, you can BE the Snow this Christmas Cuz.. I Don’t see any besides some muddy Brown Leftovers in the Neighbors Yard! 
Make someones Christmas Special Today, Hope Is Here, Jesus is Alive!

Prayer: Dear Jesus,
Thank You For Coming to This Earth to become like A Servant to Us, Disregarding the Smell and Our Appearances and Coming to us Anyway! We’re So Grateful for your Sacrifice and I Pray that I would accept it More Today. I want more Joy in this World, In MY world that You Created. Thank you for Christmas, Help me live like It’s Christmas everyday. Amen~

Bible Verse: "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool”
~Isaiah 1: 18

Song Lyric: “Was there Snow in That Little Town of Bethlehem That Night? Just Look up and See The Stars shining Far & Bright. There’s Beauty in a Midnight Clear and the Stuff We Miss Despite
Oh This Is Christmas and Jesus Came to Make it White” ~Song I Wrote.

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Why is Christmas so Dark this Year?

Christmas, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for some of us. Others, it’s The Closest thing to Hell we’ll ever get.. For me, Christmas has always been a Beautiful time.. But This year for me it’s Just Not working out. I see some people so Happy with everything they want, beautiful Living rooms and Tree’s, and Scenic Snowy Scenes outside their Windows.. The Big Kicker for me this year is Lack of Friends to Share Christmas with (And By That I mean someone close by me that We can Go do Fun things, see Lights, and They can Come over..) But No..
Christmas can be a Depressing time for Some of Us. I’m not going to go into the details but I know that you have your own reasons for Liking/Disliking the season!
The Big Question for me this year is “Why is Christmas so Dark this Year?” And Why in the World does this year feel worse then every other year? Well, Paul in The Bible Knew that This Generation is Getting darker Year by Year. We see how close it is getting to the End now and.. What if this was the VERY LAST Christmas.. We’ll ever Get. That totally challenged my Brain today as I’m writing this. How then am I going to Handle this Christmas? Well, I believe that we should handle it like Every day, As Time that is Not Guaranteed. We talk about Wise Men, But are we Wise how we are living..? Paul warned us in his Letter to Ephesus:
“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5: 15-16)
I Mean honestly which one of us can say our Walks are perfect? Not me, that’s for Certain. Sometimes we fall on the Icy Sidewalk and Fall for a Little while and God picks us up again. The Thing to note is That IF we choose to stay on the Ground, God can’t help us up. Like when we Chose to Follow him or If you Choose to Follow Him, One has to Be Willing; Willing for Him to Change them and you and Take them and You away from the Life that was/Is being lived. If You are willing to Walk a wise Walked THEN your Time will be Well Used.
How does that Apply to us this Christmas then?
Well let me ask: Do We serve a Living– or Dead– God..?
It tells me That when Jesus was Born Matthew Says:
“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name ‘Immanuel’ (which means, God with us)” (Matthew 1:23)
If God Is With us and God is alive and Among us then we Have Hope this Christmas. No matter how much our Parents are fighting, No Matter who is Lulling us into Sadness or Anger this Christmas Season, and No matter what We Didn’t get Done or Want to Do this Christmas.. We Have been Given Peace because God Loves us and Has shown us Favor! Look at Luke 2:12!

God’s Favor Rests In me and In you. It’s up to Us to Unravel that marvelous gift given to us and Give that Gift to others. Are We giving that Gift or are we Failing to think we have it this Season?
The Time is Dark, we Have nothing to Lose here. It’s Christmas, people do Crazy stuff at Christmas, At Least Give someone the Greatest Gift this Season and Don’t let em’ go Home Empty handed; Without hope and The Gift of God upon them. Be Hospitable and The Spirit will Reign in your Household this Season if You let the Aroma of The Spirit Spread through it!
God Bless You this Christmas and Don’t Forget..
Jesus IS Alive!
“"Glory to God in the Highest Heaven, and on earth Peace to those whom his Favor rests” Luke 2:12

Song Lyric:
“Noel, Noel. Jesus Is Alive! Emmanuel, Hope is Here tonight. So Go! And Tell the World that Death has Died. That Jesus is Alive!” ~Josh Wilson: Jesus Is Alive

Dear Father,
This Season can be Crazy for me, I Understand that You Have Came to Give us Peace. Show me Your Favor this season and Let your Mercy Rest on Our Shoulders. Let my Household and wherever I go Be Fragrant with your Spirit and Leave an Air of the Spirit wherever I walk. Keep us Safe and Help me Rejoice in the Fact that You have Overcome the Darkness of this Season! Thank You for Coming to be a Servant to us and Then Later Dying for Everyone and Especially Me, A Sinner. I Love You Jesus, Happy Birthday!

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Acts 2: The Spirit comes at Pentecost "Repentance & Acceptance!"

So, This is a Study that I Recently did with My Bestie, and I wanted to share it with you Guys! So, Lets start our Study now, Shall we?

Okay, So first read Acts 2, All of it! It’s not long, but really powerful!

Alrighty so Basically, here is a Runaround of what happened.
The Disciples and some others were all together at the Holy day of Pentecost. What is Pentecost?
(The second great fest. of the Jewish Year– Celebrating The Harvest of the First-fruits of God’s Offerings)
when Tongues of Fire appeared over them with a Violent Blowing wind. The Significant thing here is that.. Yes they could have Just received the Spirit of Speaking in Tongues but Jesus Provided a Sign To Demonstrate the Point to Us and them that Jesus was about to give them this Gift. After he gave them this Gift, they could speak in Tongues. I may have never done it, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t matter who ya are to Do God’s will!
A Bunch of God-Fearing Jews were all gathered together for the Festival when they heard these people from the House, Shouting different languages and tongues out at the people nearby. The cool thing is that everyone could hear their Languages, people from All over the Place were hearing divine Words from the Spirit Himself! The People were pretty in Awe at this and wondered how it was happening and What it meant! And Some just thought they were drunk.. but How could a Drunk person Spout off the things of God in a Language they didn’t know?! That left them Puzzled, until Peter stood up and told them what was up. I Love what he says here, It’s almost Humorous!
“There people are not Drunk, as you suppose, It’s only 9 in the Morning!!”
This is funny also because.. Really, How many times was The Very Time noted when something happened in the Bible? He told them it was 9 in the morning, but how was he to know that?! Was there a Giant sundial or a Nice Digital Clock in the meeting place?
Peter told them in the Short “God said people are gonna speak in the spirit and Prophesy when the Earth Gets dark. Jesus was the sign and he was among you but you didn’t realize, so You handed him over to be Killed. BUT God Raised him from the dead because it was Impossible for Death to hold him.
(Quick Side note. The Same death that could not have a Grip on Jesus is the same for us today. What it says in 2: 25-28 is the same for you too! You wont be abandoned and Death has no mastery over you and Me!)
David, the guy who said all this in the Old Testament, Died and wasn’t the Prophet. But God made Jesus, Who you killed but He rose again, to Be King over all things!
They all felt deeply moved and, Until today, I never really thought about this:
See, when people feel that feeling when it’s just like "wow.. he was talking just to me..” or You’re crying because it’s so perfect.. Thats an Agreement with our Spirit to God’s spirit Saying “Amen” to what was heard. It’s Like this: When the little spirit Guy in ourselves hears something amazing, It comes out and moves us and Makes us understand the truth. That little spirit Agree’s with what it heard and therefore, because anyone who will Not harden their hearts has the spirit either Inside or Waiting, It will Agree and therefore Convince us we need more than How we’re living.
They wanted to know what to do, they Didn’t know what to do! Peter told em’ “Repent and be Baptized in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and you will then Receive the Spirit!”
I think that me and You can Convey the Same message in Love to everyone. For those who Are Unbelieving we can tell them Exactly what Peter said in this Text today!
And He doesnt stop there, He said it for Everyone! Everyone in your Family and everyone in the future! And Over all things, It’s a PROMISE!! A Genuine Jesus Promise, and we know that It never will be broken ;)
He begged them to Save themselves and to Repent, and Three THOUSAND people were saved. Thats allot of Prayers and Dunks in the Pool ;D
The final Part says that they Devoted themselves to the Teaching of The Apostles because they knew that it was God’s Revelations speaking to them through the spirit. They Broke Bread in thanks and listened to Teachings and Prayed together in a Congregation! The Apostles were performing Signs and it was like One BIG 3 Thousand person Jesus
Carnival! ..When Can we get one of Those here? LOL
The Cool thing is that they were all SO Different and of Diff. Cultures and Races and Speech.. but they ALL Had everything in Common. So, With this I leave a Question. If we’re all sinners, Saved by Grace and Loved By God and Redeemed and Nothing without them.. Then, Why is there So Much Hate and Divination Between People.. Why do people disagree or Refuse to share their burdens with each other when we All are Failing? Or why do we think other Christians are better than us at Preaching or Worse that us? We’re All Sinners here and we all Do not Top God’s Word!
Those people never stopped coming back to meet with each other, and I Feel it’s Important that we, as a Body of Christ on twitter and at our Churches and Groups, never stop meeting together.. Only. Only if we are talking about Jesus. When we’re feeling left out or Insignificant, we feel like we have nothing in common with others. When in all truth, we’re all DOOMED without JESUS! So I pray that me and you would always be able to Come together, Strengthen each other and Add to the Number of God’s Believing Family Just like they did back then.

So, Here’s our Mission.
If You have had Any Encouragement from anyone at all and you think they will listen (or Maybe you wanna share it with an Enemy or Someone who wronged you?) Then Tell em’ what you’ve been through and what Jesus has taught you and Shown you and Done in your Personal life! I Can Guarantee that People will take note of this, even if they don’t accept what we say right now.

“All the believers were together..
..and had everything in Common!” Acts 2: 44

Song Lyric: “The Veil was torn, and Now I live with the Spirit inside. The same one, The Very Same One who brought the son Back to Life. Hallelujah he Lives in me!” ~You are I Am (MercyMe)

Dear Jesus,
Let me always Thank God for the Spirit and that he can (or Did) awake mine when it was Darkened in the world. Let me be filled with The Spirit and Use that power for his Glory. I Pray I keep things fresh and Always renew this New Love for Jesus, The spirit, and gifts he’s given me; never forsaking them. I Also pray that you would give me a Selfless attitude towards others in my Church, in my Social Life, and at School or In the Community. That the Spirit would flow out of me– almost Emanating a Spiritual Aura around me everyday– so I can effectively Communicate God’s message through my Actions and every little thing I do to Praise You throughout my Days on This Earth.

Darrien <3

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Posts from Twitter: @weirdforjesus_ on: "Real Worship"

Hello Friends!
I have been spending allot of time On Twitter lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve found some Amazing Christian friends on there who strengthen my Relationship with God! Speaking of, My Friend “Set Free” wrote this today, and Seeing that I’m finally back to posting on this website, I thought it would be cool to show you what other people have to say!:

She was so On Point with this! Christ gave us everything, the least we could do is Worship him with everything we got!
Was Jesus ever Lukewarm with his People? No!
Did Jesus hold back when He was Working Miracles, Living for his Father, and/or Saving you from your Sins on the Cross and Showing you Mercy?!
-Now, if you haven’t seen what God’s mercy is, then this little section is for you! First off, are you seeking for it?! If you are, and you say you’re searching hard and nothings coming up, why don’t you try to talk to God through prayer? God Loves you, but if you’re gonna look for Mercy without Giving him any of your time or Love.. Would you show Mercy?

We need to Show love to everyone, But Over All of that.. We need to Show some Love to Our Creator, Who Saved us from ourselves and was never Lukewarm with us!

Verse: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your Heart, as for working for the Lord, not for human Masters” ~Colossians 3:23

Song Lyric: “Start a Fire in My Soul, Fan the Flame and make it Grow– So There’s no Doubt or Denyin’! Let it burn so Brightly that everyone around can see that it’s you that we need!” ~Start a Fire (Unspoken)

Prayer for you:
Dear Jesus,
I have heard and seen that Your Love is Greater then anything I could Give, But I pray that today I would start to Live that Love you show me Out to Others and Especially to you; Because you are great and worthy of my Worship! You gave me everything, so today I give you my all! Help me to stay on the right path and be with me when the Road will get tough and I can’t breathe. Thank you for your Mercy and your Love.
In Jesus Name,

~Darrien <3
(Credit to @weirdforjesus_ on Twitter for Inspiration! Go Follow her, She’s Awesome and a Great Christian Model for you!)

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I was mowing the lawn today, and It brought me back to a Time Last Sept.. I think. It was the Day we were leaving for our Vacation. I was really eager to help my dad with the Lawn before we had to go, He was really stressed and, of course, I didn’t want to make him Mad RIGHT before we left for The Happiest Place on earth. So I started the lawn and Got.. Eh.. a Quater of the way done, when the Tank was out of Gas. So me, Thinking Im all grown up and Knowing of “Manly” Equiptment, Grabs a “Gas Can” and Fills it up. I finished the lawn, although the Mower was making some really weird sounds, and Went inside. My Dad came back and he was greatful, he went outside to check  around the yard before we left and he Noticed the Can laying next to the Mower. He came inside and Said “..What did you use to fill this Mower with” I said “The Gas can right there, Dad!” He said “You IDIOT, Thats Not Gas, Thats KEROSENE!!”
I Was Super Embarressed and My Heart Knotted up.. My Mom just kept saying “You Should have Blown up!” (Not Wishing that I did, but Stating that Putting that in usually Blows up the Tank you use..) And that kept replaying in My Mind “You SHOULD Have.. But you didn’t”..
It kind of taught me a lesson I’ll never forget..

In my Past, I was Filling myself with the Wrong Fuel to keep me going.. I kept filling it, I picked the Wrong Gas Can.. But Then, When My Father Came to Me, He told me “You’re Filling up with the Wrong Fuel!” and Then I felt Guilty for What I was doing and my Heart Knotted up.. I felt responcible.

So, After I felt guilty, I stopped what I was doing, and With My Dad I helped him Siphon out the Kerosene and, After a few Messy Instances, we Got all the filth out and Went on our Vacation.
.God, My Father, wanted and still wants to work with Me through all of those Messy Siphons of Sinful Fuel in my Life and Clean me out so that I can go on Vacation with Him one day and Enjoy my Time. And He wants the same for you too! If you have never let God fill your Life and Heart with Good fuel or Let him Clean you out, Whats stopping you? Ask Him to be your Father who knows Right fuel from Wrong Fuel!

Well, That’s today’s Lesson!

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 Welcome to My Blog and Information Page! I will post Here Regularly and try to keep this as Up to date as I Can. I'm Just a Teenager trying to Spread the Love of Jesus to anyone who is willing to listen! Please feel free to Contact me at:
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